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13th April 2014

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I'm just curious.. let's see how many people agree →





Reblog if you’d still love your friend if s/he comes out for being gay, lesbian, bi, or any other sexual orientation that isn’t straight

Already did that!

literally more than I can count

I support people whatever their gender…

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8th April 2014

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Celebrity Alphabet: Blake Shelton

"Grown men who wear skinny jeans may as well put on a t-shirt that says ‘Trust me girls.. If I can fit it in here, you’re not interested.’"

8th April 2014

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8th April 2014

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8th April 2014

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  • Hunter: Writes song about bullying
  • Hunter: Still gets hate.
  • Seriously, how ignorant and rude can people be? It's okay Hunter, your Hayniacs love you.

31st March 2014

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This is BS. →


I hate that every time a star is humble, they get called gay. Sorry if they don’t wanna walk around shirtless all the time like Justin Bieber and One Direction people. There are still genuinely nice and sweet and humble guys out there that aren’t gay. You don’t have to be gay to be quiet, shy or…

31st March 2014

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I can’t be the only one who gets emotional listening to ‘Invisible’ by Hunter Hayes.

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29th March 2014

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I swear to God, Brian Michael Quinn will be the death of me.

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26th March 2014

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yesssssss you are ;)

22nd March 2014

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Apparently, it is our (the fans) responsibility to remind Jay Miller to upload his show to the MNN servers every Saturday.


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